Media Q and A
Questions About the Media Center

Q:  When is the media center open?
A:  The media center opens for students at 7:40 am and closes at 3:30 pm.  If you need to stay later than 3:30 pm to work on a project, please make an appointment  in advance.

Q:  How long may I borrow library materials?
A:  You may borrow books for two weeks.  If you wish to renew a book, please bring it to the media center.  Reference books and magazines may be checked out overnight and must be returned by the end of the next school day.

Q:  What if I lose or damage library materials?
A:  Students are responsible for the books and magazines that they borrow from the media center.  Learning to care for books and to regularly return books to the media center is expected.  All books must be returned and if lost book or damage fees paid before participating in end-of-year activities including the 8th grade promotion ceremony.

Q:  How can I come to the media center?
A:  Your Language Arts class will be scheduled to visit to the media center every two weeks.  Other visits will be to use the media center books and computers for research projects.